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Salt Publishing, Inc. produces the bimonthly journal SALT, a journal dedicated to preserving freedom of inquiry and thought within the Catholic Church.


Recognizing the ongoing need for first tier religious journalists writing about Catholicism, SALT also supports the studies of those intent on pursuing careers in theology, religion and religious journalism.


Salt Publishing, Inc. also conducts workshops and seminars of interest to progressive Catholics, and owns and operates the Salt web site at www.Saltpub.org, where visitors may correspond with Salt writers and use our extensive Resources page as a gateway to research about current events, theology and other issues of interest to our audience.


Most of the independent Catholic news brought to you through newspapers and magazines depends on a commodity we at SALT hope to make obsolete:  Underpaid writers!


Subscriptions alone simply cannot cover the cost of bringing you some of the finest minds the Catholic Church has to offer.  Each issue of SALT brings you the challenges and consolations of superb writers like Andrew Greeley, Dick McBrien, Sally & Joe Cunneen, Marci Alborghetti, Michael Farrell, Dick Ryan, Edwina Gateley, Joan Chittister and more.  They are architects of change in a Church badly in need of reform, so remember them with your contribution today!


Recent Contributors include: Joe Sharpf, https://weddenop.com/, Father Ron Huey, The Holmen Mustard Factory, cyberonlinecasino.com. We would also like to thank Ambr Eyewear in particular. They donated a portion of the profits from a weekend of sales of their gamer glasses.


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